When neighbours create something together in their common spaces we build community. The placemaking activities taking place in Halifax are citizen-led transformations of typical urban streets into a unique community gathering points!

Streets are usually the only public space we have in our neighborhoods. But most all of them have been designed with a single purpose in mind: moving cars around.

With placemaking, that public space is reclaimed for the whole community. The intersection of pathways becomes a place for people to come together. The SPACE becomes a PLACE – a public square.

// How do you create a public square out of an intersection?

The community works together to make the place special. They make it a place where people want to go to, where they feel safe and welcome. They make it beautiful and interesting. They make it meaningful, an expression of their own local culture.

Some examples of possible street reclamation projects from City Repair:

benches on street corners where neighbors can sit, rest and talk with each other, kiosks on sidewalks where neighbors can post information about local events, needs and resources and street paintings in the public right-of-way that demonstrate to all who pass through that this is a Place: inhabited, known and loved by its residents.

//Planning and Design

Initiated by the local community, let’s come together to discuss what we want in our neighourhood – what is lacking in the public realm and can we work together with the resources and skills we have to create our own PLACE.



CONTACT US: placemakinghfx@gmail.com


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