City Repair – a non-profit dedicated to the art of placemaking based in Portland, Oregan that is voluntary run.  It’s central mission is localization of culture, of economy, of decision-making as a cornerstone of sustainability.  The group facilitates artistic and ecologically-oriented placemaking through projects that honor the interconnection of human communities and the natural world.

Projects include the annual Village Building Convergence, where people gather at neighborhood sites throughout Portland to engage in intersection repair – gatherings of painting the street, meeting your neighbors and planting gardens. City repair also hosts the Village Planting Convergence (also known as City Riparian), and operates a mobile tea house called the T-Horse.

Project for Public Spaces –  (PPS) a non-profit planning, design and educational organization dedicated to helping people create and sustain public spaces that build stronger communities. Our pioneering Placemaking approach helps citizens transform their public spaces into vital places that highlight local assets, spur rejuvenation and serve common needs.

Pomegranate Centre – a non-profit organization helping low-income and high-density communities create community-built gathering places, parks, and public artwork.

Elos Institute – a non-profit based in Santos, Brasil dedicated to using an appreciative approach to placemaking.  Their programs bring together favela residents and architecture students to design relevant, useful, and appropriate public spaces. This improves living conditions in the favelas, teaches residents that they can change their surroundings for the better, and influences the field of architecture to value community ownership and influence in public projects.

Elos runs the Oasis game which began in Brasil and has now spread to hundres of hands on action events around the world! This two day event invites a community to a project and cooperatively builds the challenge chosen by the community that best suits their needs.  Projects can range from a square, a park, a kindergarten to a cultural center.  The game considers a broad definition of the community and involves representatives from different sectors of the society – NGO’s, Government as well as community members from other parts of the city.

Street Plan Collaborative – an urban planning, design, and research-advocacy firm. They strive to create high-quality public spaces, and believe that the key to reversing the harmful effects of suburban sprawl is to promote compact, walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods. We thrive on working with our clients, partners, and other likeminded organizations to improve the quality and function of the built environment. We seek to  increase the effectiveness of multi-modal transportation as a means to creating more competitive and sustainable 21st century towns and cities.
A great resource from Street Plan is a recent book “Tactical Urbanism” – short term action//long term change!

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